Even not a day left for the New Year, and not to mention, you have done decorating your home. Also, our professional house cleaners in Heathcote have left your home perfectly sparkling and fresh. But hold on! Is that spot and stain on your glass doors and windows? So, you have missed asking our experts to clean those. Now, while running out of time, you need to clean that yourself, and we are here to tell HOW!

House cleaners’ ideas to clean the glass doors and windows

Well, we are one of the best Heathcote cleaning companies, and here are some of our smart tips to wipe off your glass door and windows to make it shimmer on New Year:

Collect the cleaning supplies

Of course, you can’t pick any random brushes to clean the glass doors and windows. Or else you will end up with more spots, scratches, and stains. For streak-free window and glass door cleaning, take these:

  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Light cleaning agents in a spray bottle
  • Top-quality squeegee
  • Ladder for upper windows
  • Rubber gloves and bucket

Choose a cloudy day

It’s better to choose a cloudy day. But when you have no time left, clean the windows and doors after sunset when the light is low! Sunny days can make the cleaning solutions dry quickly that may cause spots and stains.

Start from the top

You can use mild hot water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid in it. When it comes to wiping down the glass doors and windows, always go to the top, first, then down to the bottom. This trick will ensure that the glass surfaces can have the best clean.

Anyway, make sure to drip the cleaning solution way down to the panel bottom!

Have you liked it? We hope our tricks will work and leave your glass doors and windows glittering. Last but not least, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch!