Having a leather couch in your living space makes it look elegant and aesthetic, indeed! But most homeowners avoid investing in this because of the leather upholstery cleaning concerns!

And they end up having so many queries popping up in their mind that are unignorable. But our today’s Q&A blog may help you meet some of your uncertainties!

Common Q&A about leather upholstery cleaning

Here are some of the common questions that our professional cleaners often get from clients. Have a look at the answers:

How often should I need to get leather sofa cleaning?

This one is the most asked question we received from our past clients. And we prefer to provide you with some tips here regarding this:

  • Regular dusting with a dry cloth is essential for the leather upholstery at home.
  • Weekly vacuuming under the cushions and in the crevices of the leather sofas
  • Professional leather cleaning once a year at least
  • In hotels and reception areas, you should get leather upholstery cleaning one time in six months.

Can I sleep on the leather sofa?

Well, occasional overnight sleep may not ruin your leather upholstery only when you keep a few things in mind! For example:

  • Never lie wearing jeans
  • Place cotton bedsheet over the sofa before lying down
  • Take a nap inside a sleeping bag

How long does a leather sofa last?

If you stop believing leather sofa cleaning MYTHS and follow our simple maintenance tips, it can last more than 20 years.

Can I use baby wipes on the leather couch?

Yes, why not! In fact, it’s great to use such soft material for leather upholstery cleaning. Baby wipes are as gentle as those are on the baby’s skin.

Is vinegar good for cleaning leather upholstery?

No, we don’t suggest that! Vinegar is a strong cleaning agent that can work reverse on leather! It makes the leather dry that results in cracks. Allow our expert cleaners to handle the stains on your leather sofa!

Do you have further queries? If yes, feel free to ask us! At Shire Cleaners, our team of cleaners is here to meet your queries and offer the best cleaning solution for your leather upholstery. Also, view our Facebook page and keep in touch!