Homeowners, especially the office goers, wait for the weekend eagerly with their fun plans! But sometimes, even if you hire our cleaners as a monthly professional house cleaning, you should find a few hours on weekends for dusting and sweeping! Anyway, most avoid that not to waste their previous plans for the day. We understand! That’s why we bring some smart tips to help you get your cleaning done quickly while making you enjoy your day.

How to get the home cleaning done faster as quickly as possible

With no doubt, weekends are for fun and enjoyment, but you can’t ignore the responsibilities towards your home! But with our cleaning tips, you can do both! Have a look:

Begin from the Top!

Are you ready for your house cleaning? Then, make sure to start at the higher surface while dusting your room! Or else the lower surfaces will get dirty again after cleaning. For example, go for the lighting fixtures, ceiling fan, and chandelier first! Then, make your way down to the other furniture like tables and wardrobes.

A light dusting in the bedroom!

Generally, you may not get the time to arrange your bedroom daily after a hectic day! But on the weekend, you can do that just in some minutes by following the tricks below:

  • Start with the outfits that you leave on the floor or the corner of the bed. Keep those in the basket and set the wardrobe if not running out of time!
  • Then, it’s time to make the bed that takes around three minutes. Also, don’t forget to stripe the linens!
  • We, Shire Cleaners, suggest using a soft microfiber cleaning cloth while dusting over the desk, nightstands, and dressers to avoid scratch!

Time to handle the bathroom!

After getting your bedroom done, turn to the restroom! First, clean the bathroom countertops with any cleaning spray and wipe the shower (bathtub if you have) and other fixtures like faucets. Last but not least, shine the mirror and sweep the floor!

Clean the dining space

Generally, the dining space remains clean! Still:

  • Dust the window blinds, fan blades, light fixtures
  • Clean the clutter if you find some
  • Vacuum the furniture and floor if you have a few minutes!
Go for the kitchen
  • Clear the kitchen countertops
  • Wipe the appliances like toaster, coffee machine, and blenders
  • Throw the leftover food in the dustbin and wash the dishes
  • Clean the sink and sweep the floor

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