While booking a hotel during a vacation in Sylvania, what do you consider first? Needless to mention, the bathroom is the first thing that you check. A clean hotel bathroom decides the quality of its services.

On the contrary, even the smallest spot can ruin the impression of the customers. And, the same goes for our home. You may not prefer your guests judging your bathroom and advise you to keep it clean. Embarrassing! Isn’t it?

Don’t worry! With our bathroom cleaning service in Sylvania, you can keep it spot-free. We can offer you regular cleaning for your bathroom.

But if you don’t want to hire us at your regular service, follow the smart hacks to keep your bathroom fresh and hygienic.

How to keep the bathroom clean every day

Yes, without our professional touch, you may not get a sparkling bathroom every day like hotels. Still, you can avoid the unfair judgment of your guests.

Here are some splendid tricks to do so:

Regular brushing is a MUST!

Whenever you get the time, at the end of the day or the beginning, make sure to give a quick brush to your bathroom and toilet. Also, once you have done cleaning the toilet, wipe out the premise if possible.

Regular brushing up will prevent the mould from building, and you will get a great look. Moreover, your drainage will not get blocked with hair and dust often.

Keep the soap stored!

Do you put the bar open around the sink? Say a big NO to this habit! Honestly, bar soap smells so good that it can keep your bathroom smell-free. It’s a smart idea to keep your bathroom fresh all the time.

Contrarily, the bar soaps end up making the places soapy wherever you keep it. Try to avoid using them away from the sink and store the bars in the container to skip such messy things.

Clear the clutter!

Can you do a favour for yourself? Be sure to wash out the clutter after you have done fighting on the toilet seat. No matter if there’s hair or empty shampoo containers, throw those in the bucket under the sink. Don’t store it on the countertops! It looks not only dirty but takes time to clean those.

Clean with the disinfectant!

Sanitizing your bathroom is a smart idea while cleaning regularly, especially when your guests are at home. Besides, our team of Shire Cleaners suggests having and using handy dry sheets to collect hair or dust in the bathroom. You can also remove water spots rubbing the surface of the countertop with those.

Keep your bathroom smell-free!

All you need is to change some of your habits like:

  • Make sure to keep the shower door or curtains closed.
  • Organize the shampoo and conditioner bottles.
  • Keep your towel refreshed.
  • Spray something minty or other flavoured bathroom fresheners.

If you follow the tips mentioned here, we ensure you have a fresh and smell-free bathroom every day. And if you don’t have much time to try these or want a sparkling look, contact us. Our professional cleaners will be there at your convenience.