Not to mention, people start being aware of the germs and cleanliness more after the pandemic outbreak! And when you think of house cleaning, you get the pictures of the bathroom, sinks, toilet bowls, rings, and the floor in your mind. Of course, these are! But you often miss some areas where the bacteria crawls like light switches with the electrical covering around those! These remain unnoticeable because of their size,

Why do light switches include during house cleaning?

Maybe you can’t see with your naked eyes, but the germs remain active on the light switches and the electric coverings surrounding them. In fact, the viruses can be contagious sometimes that can affect you just by touch! That’s why regular sanitizing and cleaning of the switches and coverings are essential.

However, if you haven’t ever tried to clean the switchboards, including light switches and electrical coverings, it may be quite risky to try with no guidance. We like to share some tips with you to teach you a careful and efficient approach to this! Such as:

Items you need to clan the light switch and electrical covering

At Shire Cleaners, we suggest picking some simple stuff to clean the switches and outlet covers, like:

  • Screwdriver

  • Old toothbrush

  • Scrubber

  • Disinfectant spray

  • Liquid dish soap

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Dry cloth

Simple cleaning steps for light switches and electrical outlet

#Step 1:

Before you start, make sure to turn off the power supply from the circuit breaker! Yes, your home may be in darkness for a little bit of time, but it may mitigate the risks of getting shocked during the cleaning process.

#Step 2:

Once you shut off the power, unscrew the electrical outlet to scrub the dirt and stains. And doing that by taking the coverings in hand ease the process. Anyway, when you wipe down the electrical outlet daily, there’s no need to remove that!

#Step 3:

Not only over the light switches and electrical coverings but the dust and debris remain hidden inside too. So, remove the dust with a toothbrush from both sides, including the little gaps between the wall and covers.

#Step 4:

  • Soak the covers in the soapy solution.

  • Disinfect the switches using a microfiber cloth.

  • Let the outlet and switches dry

  • Screw those all again and turn on the power.

But if you have no time for this or find it risky, let our cleaner do that! Follow us on Facebook to stay connected!