If we are not wrong, there are just three weeks left for the New Year, and your guests are ready to drop in anytime at your home! Hence, you may be busy with gift purchases and shopping to decorate your rooms. However, do you often feel that your houses are screaming for constant cleaning? Then, just vacuuming and mopping may not be enough! Get our regular cleaning services before your New Year’s Eve party to make your space sparkling!

How do we help with regular cleaning services?

Admit it or not, but sometimes you feel like maintaining the household chores along with the outside is unmanageable! Well, it’s obvious! You can’t keep a check on everything alone. You can get a clean home this New Year with us! Here’s how we start:

From the wardrobes!

Our professional cleaners start with your closet that may be the most cluttered place in your bedroom! You often leave the old outfits you didn’t touch for the last six months or a year. Just make a list of those clothes and provide us!

We will arrange only your favourite and required ones in the wardrobe and let the outdated ones go! You can sell outfits online or give those away to the needy if possible!

Sort the appliances

On our Facebook profile, many customers complain about unmanageable and cluttered kitchens. But they don’t get a solution to fix that. Let us handle that! We ensure a perfectly arranged kitchen as you desire! Our cleaners will help you decide which things to keep and which ones not with some questions. For example:

  • Is this appliance in use now?
  • Do you really need this?
  • Which appliances do you use often?
  • Is there anyone among your friends or family who may require the appliance more than you?

Answering these questions can help you ideate which appliances you don’t need anymore! You can just give away those all or sell Facebook marketplace.

Clean surface

Picture this: Your clothing is on the floor, and your kids’ toys are somewhere else! No one can say such a cluttered surface as ‘CLEAN!’ Sometimes you skip this, while a few times, you may find picking those up too lazy to do! Our expert cleaners don’t leave any corners of the surface messy and dirty while providing regular cleaning services!

If you need regular cleaning services before the New year, let us know! We, Shire Cleaners, will be at your doorstep on your schedule! Stay connected!