No matter how old you are, cleaning is always the best way to stay healthy and fit! And needless to say, ‘Charity begins at home!’ Hence, it’s better to be sooner than later when it comes to guiding your little ones with the tasks, especially house cleaning!

Yes, our expert cleaners would be at your place anytime as per your schedule. But if your family won’t remain clean, getting weekly or regular professional cleaning doesn’t make sense! We are here to discuss how you can involve your kids in household cleaning.

Simple ways to instruct your kids to maintain house cleaning

Of course, children follow in our footsteps whatever we teach them. And the same goes for home cleansing! The following tips will help you educate them on cleaning habits. Such as:

Pre-school age

Honestly, the kids remain curious to explore at this age and make the home a mess. But they try to imitate their parents whatever they do! Take advantage of this and instruct them about house cleaning whole showing an interest. Like:

  • Throw the trash (paper or broken toys) in the right place
  • Keep the cups and dishes in the sink after they have done
  • Put the toys in the right place from where they have taken those
  • Keep the dirty outfits in the laundry basket

Young kids

If your children have started to go to primary schools, they are old enough to take some cleaning instructions seriously. Therefore, we, Shire Cleaners, suggest creating a few rules at home, including household cleaning! For instances:

  • Throwing out unnecessary papers or dirt in the dustbin and taking the trash
  • Making their bed every day before the bed or while waking up
  • Wash a few dishes of their own after having snacks
  • Arrange their toys and books accordingly in their places
  • Putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket while hanging and folding them if done
  • Keeping the living space tidy up

What’s about the teens?

Here are the growing ones! But most teenagers prefer spending their time with friends or enjoying privacy in their room rather than house cleaning. But with a little understanding, you can convince them to take that responsibility:

  • Instruct them to make their bed, including changing the bedsheets and pillowcases
  • Keep the desk surface clean and wipe the floors
  • Cleaning their wardrobes at least twice a month and keeping that arranged

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