It’s undeniable that even after weekly professional cleaning you fail to get a clean toilet always. And you end up finding a discolored ring the next day of our cleaners getting their job done! It means that you need to brush over the stubborn toilet ring almost every day if possible. But just a regular clean won’t work here! And we are here to tell you how to do that with ease and like a pro!

Simple ways to keep your stubborn toilet ring clean

Maybe you don’t know, but hard water causes more stains and discoloration on the toilet ring. That’s why instead of regular cleaning, go with our simple tricks.

At Shire Cleaners, our experts can help you ideate how to these stains and keep the toilet ring spot-free. Have a look:

Trick 1: Cleaning toilet ring with baking soda and vinegar

While spotted stains on your toilet ring, using baking soda and vinegar can be apt to get rid of this. During the regular cleaning, you just need to take a few steps:

  • Spill white vinegar in the toilet water around 1 cup and leave it for a few minutes.

  • After that, add baking soda and another couple of cups of vinegar immediately.  Then, leave that for ten minutes by pulling down the lid.

  • Then, dip the toilet brush and scrub the area lightly where the stains exist. Again, wait for the next half-n-hour!

  • Finally, flush the toilet two or three times and scrub the stain again and flush another time!

toilet cleaning equipment

Trick 2: Remove the toilet ring stains with Borax

Well, on our Facebook page, we have got the question from many of our clients who want some affordable option than vinegar and baking soda. Yet, we recommend this one:

  • Start with combining one tablespoon of borax with water and distilled vinegar in one cup. Keep stirring it until the borax dissolves in it!

  • Put the mixture in a bottle and shake it well before using it on the toilet ring stains. Then, spray directly on the ring two to three times every 5 minutes and allow it some time to set.

  • Prepare a thick paste of borax with minimal water and use the toilet brush to spread the paste around the toilet ring and bowl where you find the spots.

  • Lastly, flush two times and pour the bucket of clean water over the toilet bowl!

But if you have no time to clean the toilet ring daily, get a quote today for our regular cleaning service. Stay connected!