Leather sofas never fail to incorporate an added elegance to your drawing room. If treated right, they can last for the whole life. There is no denying that these sofas are expensive, but their exceptional durability balances their cost.

Hence, you need to take care of them properly to get the most out of them. Regular leather sofa cleaning is a useful part of this caring process. And to do this, you need to rely on professionals who follow certain rules. However, before a rush to the professional cleaner, know about different leather types in brief.

Different types of sofa leathers

The easiest way to know about the leather type is to check the manufacturer’s label on it. In case it is missing, please contact the seller without wasting your time. However, the two most types of leather used for the sofa are protected and unprotected leather.

Protected leather- Semi-aniline or protected leather gets treated with an added pigment protective layer and an aniline dye. Both these make this leather hardier and stain-resistant giving a uniform appearance. Some protected leathers get treated with thicker pigment layers that give the added protection to them.

Unprotected leather- Aniline or unprotected leather comes with less protective pigment amounts. But, it is expensive compared to the protective one. It also comes with a softer texture, and lack of pigment layer makes it’s marking more distinct. If you talk about durability, unprotected leather might not match protected leathers. But you can’t ignore its breathtaking look.

How professionals clean leather sofas flawlessly?

Whatever be the leather type is, professional sofa cleaning experts come with customized cleaning solutions for both of them. Get a brief idea about them here.

Cleaning sofas with protective leather

The durable nature of this leather makes it suitable to clean every day. To keep them in the best state, best cleaning professionals avoid using harsh chemical components or soaps. Instead, they use high- quality leather cleaning products advised for this specific leather.

Aniline leather made sofa cleaning

Professionals don’t clean aniline leather in the same way like protected leather. The reputed manufacturers suggest simple vacuuming and dusting to clean unprotected leather sofas. It is suggested as hard cleaning can cause damage to the unprotected leathers adversely.

Additionally, if you find staining issues in your leather sofas, don’t forget to take the expert advice. And for the best solution, let him allow to deal with this matter. In case you use a cleaning agent by yourself, don’t forget to test it on hidden sofa areas to make sure it does not cause any damage or discolouration.

Conclusive thoughts

And to treat your sofa with the best cleaning services, feel free to get a quote from us. Our experienced cleaners always ensure to enhance the appeal of your drawing room by providing dirt-free and great leather sofas! And you may rely on our affordability as well.