Leather Sofa Cleaning

Shire Cleaners provide leather sofa cleaning. What’s not to like about leather furniture – it’s comfortable, it lasts longer than its fabric counterparts, it holds its shape and colour longer, and they look great. But they do come at cost – they get dirty and either you have to spend a few hours cleaning it every year (minimum), or you have to pay a professional to clean it.

How often should I clean my leather furniture?

The simple answer is, whenever it gets dirty enough but at least once per year. You should clean as you go, as well as take precautions to prevent it getting dirty. Regardless of this you need to moisturise the leather once per year (to prevent cracking and make it last) and you can do this by giving it a clean.  

How do I prevent my leather couch from getting dirty?


Leather, just by sitting on it will get dirty. But there are measure you can take to maintain your leather sofa;

    1. Wipe up spills straight away
    2. Vacuum regularly with the upholstery attachment
    3. Don’t position your leather furniture in direct sunlight, nor fireplaces, nor place heaters near it.
    4. Don’t sit on it while you’re sweaty or oily from sun cream or massage oil
    5. Moisturise the leather once per year to maintain it and make it last longer
professional cleaning company cleaning white leather couch

What product should I use to clean my leather upholstery? 

We would recommend whatever it says on the manufacturer’s warranty. Using a home remedy you found on Google presents an unnecessary risk. Go with a professional leather cleaning product and make sure it’s suitable for your type of leather. Most leather sofas are protected leather while some are unprotected. The protected leather can handle purpose built leather cleaners while unprotected leather may have some restrictions.

How to clean my leather sofa?

You should refer to your manufacturer’s instructions but given you’re ready this, you’re just after a general idea.

  1. Give it a vacuum using the upholstery attachment to remove any dirt. Make sure you get down in the crevices.
  2. Set your leather cleaning solution up according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some you might dilute in water, some you might use straight out of the bottle and onto your cleaning cloth. Also use a cloth suitable as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Micro-fibre is usually a safe bet.
  3. Test a spot first. You’re better of testing on a spot on the side or rear of the sofa.
  4. Start from top to bottom and use a circular motion similar to how you would clean a mirror. Do not go back and forth or up and down.
  5. Wipe down with a clean cloth



Thanks for the info but I just want to hire someone to do it

Cleaning leather furniture is one of those jobs that no one likes to do. At Shire Cleaners we are experts at cleaning leather sofas. We can make them look brand new at an affordable price. To get a free no-obligation quote, give us a call now.