Get over your misconception if you are one of those business persons thinking that frequent cleaning of your office premises isn’t that important! But admit it or not: we spend most of our time at our workplace than at home. When you use a place regular basis, it requires proper sanitisation and vacuuming from time to time. That’s why professional office cleaning quite makes sense! And in our today’s blog, we are here to tell you how often you should do so!

How Many Times Should You Get Professional Office Cleaning?

Well, when you don’t consider workplace cleaning much, you may merely have a clue how often you should get that! Isn’t it? At Shire Cleaners, our experts have suggested some guidance here to make you ideate regarding this. Such as:

Upholstery and Carpet cleaning!

OKAY, it’s not your home where you take care of the carpet and upholstery during spring cleaning! At the workplace, the upholstery and carpet cleaning depends on the foot traffic of your premises that it receives a day.

Daily vacuuming is necessary to keep those neat and clean. But when the foot traffic is low, a weekend cleaning is sufficient!

Kitchen cleaning

Do you have a canteen and cafeteria at your office? Then, you must take care of the kitchen cleaning and sanitisation of the electrical appliances too. After all, it’s about your employee safety! Make sure to clean the refrigerators at least once a week to prevent the bad odour of food.

On the contrary, you can get a daily cleaning service from us for the lunch area. If you want to ensure about our services, follow our clients’ comments on Facebook!

Bathroom cleaning

Of course, you can’t consider a weekend cleaning here like your home restroom. According to a recent survey, over fifty employees use one bathroom on a floor within office hours. Yet, it should be at the top of the daily cleaning checklist! In fact, we suggest office bathroom cleaning twice a day if you have a huge employee scale.

Apart from this, we also offer customised commercial cleaning services according to your schedule. Our professional cleaners won’t be any interruption in your office hours.

Have you found it helpful enough? If so, you may have already made your mind to get professional office cleaning. But before that, get a free quote to ideate our overall charges for commercial cleaning services. Stay in touch!