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Regular Cleaning

Also referred to as recurring cleaning, regular cleaning is when you outsource some of your cleaning tasks to a professional cleaner or professional cleaning company. Shire Cleaners is known around the Sutherland Shire as the go-to provider of regular house cleaning services.

We have been in this business for years. And that is why you can fully trust us. We offer a custom solution on your budget. Book an expert consultation today. Also, contact us to get a quote.

The Advantages of Regular Cleaning

No more stress thinking about cleaning

All our clients tell us the main thing they hate about cleaning is not the actual cleaning, but the stress associated with thinking about cleaning. When you finish a cleaning task you feel great. But guess what – a week later you have to start thinking about doing it again. After a while, the cycle of thinking about cleaning overshadows the reward of finishing, and that never ends and grinds you down. Hiring a cleaner for regular cleaning gives you the pay off of completing a cleaning task, without the stress. Contact us to know more.

No more feeling guilty about procrastinating

Furthermore to the point above, the time and energy spend summoning up the motivation to start cleaning is worse than the actual cleaning itself. And when you put off a cleaning job, again and again, the guilt felt is just one extra stress. Hire a cleaning company already!

More time to do what you want to do

Cleaning actually takes time and it’s non-stop. Vacuuming the floors takes time, cleaning the fridge takes time, doing the dusting takes time. That time is better spent with Family, or socialising, or watching TV. Whatever it is you choose to do, you’re doing it without worrying about procrastination.

Living in a house or unit that is always clean

When you have a regular cleaner, your house or unit is always maintained to a pretty high standard. It’s great to live in a house that’s always clean without having to worry about cleaning it.

What makes us the best in the Shire?

All of our competitors offer simple weekly plans that just aren’t efficient. Most cleaning plans offered by professional cleaners only include those items that need to be cleaned weekly. Our clients tell us that they want those other things cleaned, just not every week. Shire Cleaners offer a 3-tier system based on weekly, monthly and quarterly cycles that optimize your cleaning.

We not only thoroughly vet our cleaning staff but we take pride in our professionalism and trustworthiness.

Ultimately we can customize a cleaning solution however our clients want. But we’re also experts in our field so will offer options and advise where appropriate. We know that if we provide good solid cost-effective advice, our clients will stay with us for longer.

Clients are either paying to have something cleaned every week that doesn’t need to be cleaned every week, or it doesn’t get cleaned at all meaning the client has to do it. Our 3-tier system gives you the most bang for your buck.

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Want to improve the quality of your life? Want to unburden yourself from the stress that cleaning causes? Our cleaning consultants are standing by to talk to you to discuss what your options are.

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