Honestly, no one is mortal even, not your upholstery! Picture this: you have purchased a leather sofa, and it’s been five years, but looks like a complete mess. From your kids to guests and pets- all turn your sofa set into something beyond your imagination. That’s why professional leather sofa cleaning is a MUST at least once a month! It’s because even a simple spill of coffee or wine can leave a lifetime stain on your expensive furniture piece. Still, some homeowners believe in a few misconceptions and hold them back from hiring professional cleaners to get the job done.

Misconceptions about leather sofa cleaning you should avoid

Generally, the MYTHS about cleaning the leather sofa occurs in people’s minds from some online websites or word-of-mouth from the neighbours.

But it’s time to get over the misconceptions and acquainted with the facts. Such as:

Professional leather sofa cleaners only remove the surface dust!

A big NO to this one! Expert cleaning service of leather sofa removes the dirt that you cannot see even the naked eyes, not only the visible one. The proper vacuuming helps to eliminate the germs and bacteria that can be a threat to your well-being. Also, the professional cleaners make the leather sofa fabric look brighter and softer after every cleaning.

Isn’t DIY a great idea for leather sofa cleaning?

Not at all! This one can be the biggest mistake if you have already made it. Yes, it’s not impossible though, to clean your upholstery on your own, but when you are sure enough of the right techniques. Otherwise, the chances are high that you will get the exact quality results that you can expect from professional cleaners. The experts have the proper training and knowledge of using the best cleaning agents and equipment that is suitable for leather sofa cleaning.

Professional leather sofa cleaning service is a waste of dollars!

Of course, not! You get merely enough time to take care of your home and keep the furniture clean and spotless. Leather sofa requires proper maintenance that only professional can serve. Or else you will not get the cleanliness as it supposed to be! And we, Shire Cleaners, ensure you a 100% guarantee of quality service at the best charges.

A professional cleaning will make the leather sofa rough!

Really? Does it even make sense? You don’t even have the knowledge of the cleaning agent equipment needs to apply for leather sofa cleaning. On the contrary, the cleaners have the proper training to do so. Then, which do you think to be riskier – DIY or cleaners? In fact, your cleaning methods like scrubbing or the use of hard-bristled brushes can make the upholstery shaggy. The advanced technique of the cleaners ensures perfect cleaning with no damage!

Hiring professional leather sofa cleaners is not only great to maintain your upholstery but make it last longer. Do you need any help with leather sofa cleaning? Then, contact us! Our trained cleaners will be at your doorstep as per your requirements.