Practising good personal hygiene is significant to stay safe and healthy. But besides it, you can’t ignore the significance of a healthy and clean home atmosphere. After all, disinfecting and cleaning your house regularly reduces the risks of falling sick.

However, when it is about home cleaning, you may hear a lot about several cleaning techniques and baseless myths. In the continuing part of this blog, we are going to explore some common home cleaning myths in brief. Keep on reading.

Check out some general house cleaning myths

Myth 1: Disinfectors and cleaners are the same

According to the CDC, the cleaning process involves dirt and dust removal from the surfaces. This process also eliminates germs as well. Cleaning is a significant task as it helps in reducing the number of germs from your house.

Alternatively, Disinfecting is all about germs killing after dousing them with powerful chemicals. However, now both of these services are helping us to keep our homes hygienic like never before.

Myth 2: Disinfectant products come with instant results

Many people come with the wrong notion that disinfection wipes give instant results. But the reality is, these products do not come with instant germ-killing solutions at all. A quick surface disinfecting or cleaning does not destroy the invisible germs there.

This time may vary from one cleaner to another. Hence, before you select a disinfector, go through the instruction carefully. It will tell you about the time you need to keep the disinfector on the surface for killing germs.

Myth 3: Cleaning is not needed before disinfecting

Both cleaning and disinfecting are deeply linked. But to get the best result, it’s better to clean first before you start the disinfecting. Remember, surface dirt reacts with the disinfectant chemicals and makes them unable to kill germs. Don’t allow your germ-killing effort to go in vain by skipping the cleaning step.

Myth 4: High- touch surfaces require disinfection only

You require disinfecting the high-touch surface areas of your home regularly. Some of these areas include light switches, railings, and handles of your cabinets, and so on.

However, besides them, you need to pay equal attention to common areas, including your drawing room, living room, and bathroom. Cleaning all areas of your house with equal care offers you the much-needed safe and hygienic living.

Myth 5: Soaps and water are useless

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t find any effectiveness in soaps and water at all. But do you know using them at the time of house cleaning can kill the deadly germs?

Believe it or not, it is a proven truth. A thorough washing using high-quality soaps and water can dislodge germs easily by causing sliding off at the time of rinsing.

Myth 6: House cleaning doesn’t need the expert’s help

Home cleaning is not as easy as it seems! Yes, if you want to be sure about a high-quality and effective cleaning service, you need experienced cleaning experts.

They come with a wholesome cleaning solution giving you peace of mind. Some services a reputed and well-trained house cleaner covers are kitchen cleaning, floor cleaning, and window cleaning, and so on.

Myth 7: Professional cleaners are costly

A lot of homeowners wrongly assume that hiring professional cleaners mean draining out a huge amount. But believe me, it is not true at all.

The professional cleaning companies always come with competitive prices affordable for all. Reputed cleaners set the price thinking of the customer’s needs. And many of the reliable companies provide different packages considering the customer’s requirement.

Myth 8: Hiring any cleaning company can meet your needs

Last but least, don’t expect quality cleaning solutions from all. Only the skilled experts of a reputed company can give you the right services according to your demand. So, don’t choose a service provider just because you find it first.

Give sufficient time to thorough research work. Opt for a virtual searching on different cleaning companies. And, also consider taking recommendations from others.

Bottom lines

And in case you want to find the best quality cleaning solutions in one place, get in touch with us. Get a quote from us now! We can guarantee you to give you an outstanding service that won’t make you disappointed.