Commercial Cleaning

Are you a commercial business looking for a cleaner? Shire Cleaners provide commercial cleaning services across Sutherland Shire. We offer a premium service for a budget rate. Our expert cleaning team can put together a customised plan to keep your workplace clean.

We cover these types of commercial premises and more


  • Office Cleaning
  • Factory Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Hospitality Industry Cleaning
  • Hotel Cleaning
  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Strata Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • Child Care Cleaning
  • And more..
professional cleaning company cleaning commerical premises

The benefits of hiring a commercial cleaner

Reduced Admin Costs

If you paying your professional staff to clean then you’re probably paying them more than you would pay a cleaner.

High Quality Cleaning

Further to the above point, your staff are no professional cleaners. It’s unlikely they can clean to the same standard nor in the same time. So not only is quality reduced when you have your staff do the cleaning, but it even costs you more because they take longer.

Higher Productivity

Your staff are experts at whatever role they have been hired to perform. Why dilute that and have them perform cleaning duties. You want your staff to be focused on what they do best and leave the cleaning to the people who do it best.

Better Workplace Morale

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Studies have shown that workplaces that are clean have higher morale, and workplaces that ask their staff to clean result in lower morale. Happy workers (who aren’t asked to clean) working in a clean work space increases morale.

Fewer Sick Days

Cleaner surfaces translates to less germ transfer. It’s no secret that influenza numbers in 2020 have almost disappeared due to increased hygiene practices brought about from COVID-19. A commercial cleaner can reduce the transfer of colds, flus and other ailments, thereby reducing your staff sick days.

Office Cleaning Services

Shire Cleaners specialise in one-off and regular office cleaning services. Simply give us a call or send us a quote request and we’ll provide you a free no-obligation quote. While you concentrate on your business and work, we will provide you the sparkly clean environment to call your office. You can leave all the dirty work to us. With a healthy and clean office, you can give your employees and clients a beautiful and healthy place to work. You need cleaner on a regular basis? Don’t worry, simply let us know your cleaning schedule and we can send our cleaning team to your office premises on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Depending on your business requirements, you can customize your cleaning schedule. For instance, schools and day care centres would need a more regular cleaning as compared to offices. And the best part is yet to come: Shire Cleaners work on evenings and weekends without any extra charges, so you can plan the cleaning work without disturbing the daily work routine of your employees and clients.

We have served our clients for years and have helped several businesses maintain a spotless clean office spaces. For Shire Cleaners, reliability is the foundation and we ensure to maintain that always. Also, the prices we offer are easy on your budget and give you a competitive edge as you concentrate on bringing more business and clients to a cleaner, healthier, and more productive environment. Shire Cleaners offers following cleaning services in different commercial set-ups


  • Vacuum cleaning, mopping, and dusting
  • Kitchen/Pantry cleaning
  • Toilet and bathroom cleaning
  • Wiping all surfaces, window sills and emptying rubbish bins

Looking for commercial cleaning services in Sutherland Shire?

Want to make the more out of these services? Simply book a window cleaning service or complete cleaning service for your commercial establishment or office and make huge savings on overall pricing. Want more details on Shire Cleaners’ Cleaning Services? Get in touch with us today.