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Strata Cleaning

We provide strata cleaning for blocks of units, townhouses, and industrial complexes. We provide a full service including vacuuming, mopping, glass cleaning, putting out and taking in weekly bins. We wipe down letter boxes, handrails, and door knobs. Our expert staff can handle your whole complex. We can also provide ad hoc pressure cleaning, floor scrubbing, and carpet steam cleaning. We can put a program together to manage the cleaning maintenance of your unit block in a thorough, but efficient and cost effective manner.

We can also provide some facilities management and gardening services. Leaf blowing, hedge trimming, weed spray and mould spray services are all available, as well as general handyman services. We can have people on site daily or weekly, depending on your needs.

If you’ve considering getting a cleaner for your complex, or looking to change your current cleaning set up, we have an experienced team ready to go. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with all the options so you can put together the cleaning program that works best for you. If you’re happy with the service and price, sit back and relax, we’ll come and make your complex shine.

Cleaning Options

A typical or standard strata clean includes;

  1. Vacuum all floors
  2. Mop all tiled surfaces
  3. Wipe down lift, lift entrance on each floors, button pad on each floor
  4. Clean glass on entry doors and facades
  5. Wipe down letterboxes
  6. Wipe down hand rails and door handles
  7. Put bins out for collection
  8. Hose out and return bins
  9. Pick up any litter
  10. Sweep paved areas
  11. Leaf blow paved areas
  12. Remove any marks from walls

Ad hoc services include

  1. Pressure washing
  2. Carpet steam cleaning
  3. Machine scrubbing of foyer

We also provide gardening services and general maintenance services. We can customize a cleaning program for you and provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Our process

  1. Call us, or fill out our quote form

  2. We put together a free quote

  3. Finalise what cleaning is to be included

  4. We visit your complex and carry out the agreed cleaning

  5. You get to enjoy and clean and well maintained complex.

Why hire us?

We hire only the best and most trustworthy cleaners. We’re not only great at cleaning but we’re professional and time-efficient as well.

We’re based in the Shire and we clean mostly in the Shire.

We do more than just standard “kitchen, Bath, and Floors”. We cover a whole range of cleaning services that you can mix and match and come up with a cleaning program that suits you.

We have our own in-house quality control checklists to make sure we deliver a 5-star cleaning service every time

We not only provide a great service but our customers tell us our prices and very reasonable. Being local to the Shire helps us cut our costs down.

Give us a Call

If you want to freshen up your house or unit with a strata clean then we can put together an itemized quote to clean the parts of your home that you want to be cleaned. Give us a call now and speak to one of our friendly team.

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