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End-of-lease cleaning is a tedious task for every tenant! But you are supposed to do to return the rental premises in pristine condition at the end of the tenure. Otherwise, you will lose the security deposit!

Here you need experienced cleaners! They know the key things to impress the landlord. Professional cleaners with brilliant tricks can transform your dirty and disorganised property into a shiny space. It means you will get the best service when you hire a trained end-of-lease cleaner.

However, here is the list of 8 things only professional bond cleaners know when they clean the rental premises across Australia. And they want to keep it secret!

Let’s get started!

1. Steam Cleaning is needed to Remove Residue from Carpets

When you apply a cleaning solution on the floor to remove soil and dirt, you will find residue left behind. No matter how well you maintain your carpet, dust particles always leave sediment even after cleaning. That’s why it is requisite to steam clean to remove stubborn stains from carpets.

Generally, a pro end-of-lease cleaner uses vapour to help you get rid of dust, grime and soil with no residue. This way, you can make your home hygienic and bring back the gleam of carpets and rugs. Follow our Facebook now.

2. Use Cornstarch For Shiny Window Glass

We have various commercial cleaning products on the market right now. They can obviously make your window glasses, glass doors and mirrors sparkling clean and shiny. But a pro cleaner uses cornstarch to achieve the same result without applying harsh chemicals.

Yes! Cornstarch is a natural cleaner that offers outstanding results in removing grime and providing streak-free shine. It is a secret recipe! Several cleaners use cornstarch to banish mildew, musty odours, grease stains, and mould without letting you know.

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3. Olive Oil to Treat Fingerprints

As you know, end-of-lease cleaning includes everything available in your rental apartment, including fingerprints. Yes! You can’t skip the fingerprints all over the fridge you left behind. And these are not simple things to remove. You have tried many times but failed.

Here, a pro end-of-lease cleaner applies a trick! They use a few drops of olive oil on paper and wipe down the fridge to remove fingerprints. This way, you can keep the surface sparkling clean. You can use this truck for all your stainless steel items to give a professional cleaning touch.

4. Slowly Pull the Vacuum Cleaner

Certified cleaners know how a vacuum cleaner delivers the best results. Many of us don’t realise that pushing the vacuum forward is done to get the appropriate position. But pulling it can help you erase dust and soil.

So, it is always advisable to slow down the process while pulling your cleaning device. It sucks the dust from your floor coverings. Don’t forget to use the wand to remove dust, dirt, oil, and allergens.

5. The Top to Bottom Cleaning Technique

Being a responsible homeowner, you should always spruce up a room from top to bottom. So you never have to sweep the floors twice. Start from the ceiling fan, then focus on the light fittings and fixtures, picture frames, windows, blinds, doors, and at last, carpet and hard floors.

6. Useful Toilet Cleaning Hacks

No one wants to have a dirty and stinky toilet inside your bedroom. But cleaning the washroom requires a lot of time and energy.

No! By applying this pro trick, you can make your washroom neat and clean within minutes. Only an end-of-lease cleaner knows this hack.

To eliminate hard water stains, you need to soak toilet paper in vinegar. Then position it on top of the stain. Let the paper sit overnight and enjoy the results.


7. Magic Eraser Work Wonders

Of course, market-based products are amazing! But they comprise harmful chemicals. So, a pro cleaner also uses natural hacks to remove tough stains from your kitchen countertops.

What is it? It is a magic eraser. Yes! The simplest way to delete coffee stains from hard surfaces is using a magic eraser.

It is basically a magical cleaning sponge made of melamine foam. You need to rub the magic eraser on the affected area and enjoy the sparkling results without using harsh chemicals.

8. Pumice Stone For Toilet Rings

An experienced end-of-lease cleaner uses a wet pumice stone to erase toilet rings and stubborn stains. You need to wet the stone because dry stone may leave scratches on surfaces. To clean the bowl, first, pour a cup of baking soda and leave it for 10 minutes. Then brush with a wet pumice stone.

Wrapping Up!

Need to hire a professional end-of-lease cleaner for guaranteed results? You can consider someone trustworthy in this domain. Our cleaners offer guaranteed end-of-lease cleaning at the most reasonable price. We have state-of-the-art tools and advanced technical trained cleaners. Visit our Twitter page to make yourself more informed.

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