Carpet Cleaning in Bangor: How Much Does It Cost?

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Clean carpet in your rooms not only keeps you safe but also looks better. Many people vacuum regularly for cleaning. But when it comes to arranging occasions, it just doesn’t seem possible with a DIY carpet clean.

So, you can hire our professional cleaners for carpet cleaning in Bangor. They always strive to deliver a spike and span home every time. Many factors can affect the cost of carpet cleaning. Keep reading.

3 Factors that Affect the Cost of Carpet Cleaning

When the DIY process cannot work for carpet cleaning. Well, that’s where our carpet cleaning services come in. This guide breaks down the factors to give you an idea of how much carpet cleaning will cost you. Keep reading till the end.

What Type of Carpet is it?

First and foremost, carpet cleaning cost depends on the type of carpet you have, such as:

  • Berber Carpets

These carpets are relatively easy to clean because of their durable construction and tough fibres. It is the cheapest type of carpet to clean professionally.

  • Level Loop Pile & Cut Pile Carpets

These carpets have strong weaves. So it also requires less time for cleaning. If there is no tough stain or grime, you don’t have to spend too much on this carpet.

  • Wool & Cotton Carpets

These two fibres need delicate cleaning. These types of carpets are expensive and cost you a little more than the other two types of carpets.

What Cleaning Method Professionals Required?

We, Shire Cleaners, assess the carpet and then suggest a safe and effective cleaning method for it. Here are some most common carpets cleaning methods we use:

  • Steam Cleaning

Our experts for carpet cleaning in Bangor use the steam cleaning process to remove stains, grime, and dust/dirt build-up from the carpet. It is approximately $45 per room.

  • Dry Cleaning

It is one of the cheaper methods to clean carpets. We use formulated powder that will absorb soil, stains, and dirt.

  • Shampooing

During house cleaning, we heavily clean soiled carpets and pet stains. It cost around $75 per room.

Other Factors That Affect Carpet Cleaning Costs

Some more factors will affect the cost, such as

  • Size of the Carpet/Carpet Area
  • Types of Stains
  • Accessibility

These above-mentioned factors will affect the cost of carpet cleaning in Bangor. If you need any help with getting an estimated quote, feel free to contact us. In fact, you can follow us on Facebook, like, and share.

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