End Of Lease Cleaning: The Answers A Tenant Needs To Know

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Are you about to move from your rented apartment? Do you live in Melbourne, Sydney, or anywhere in Australia?

Then you must have heard about a mandatory end-of-lease cleaning before you leave. Of course, you can do the scrubbing by yourself, but most Australians rely upon professionals in order to get their security deposit back.

It’s good that an end-of-lease cleaning expert gets often hired by landlords and homeowners who want to make a source of income by renting their places.

In this blog, you will explore what is included in this type of pro cleaning, what can be the average cost, and how long it takes. So, keep reading!

What Does The Bond Clean Service Include?

A bond or end-of-lease cleaning typically includes vacuuming carpets, dusting hard furniture, mopping the floors, and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. And the cleaners are supposed to clean the oven inside and out and wash the windows too.

 The pro cleaners use professional tools, appliances and detergents and follow an end-of-lease cleaning checklist to make the process smooth and easy-going.

The cleaning experts divide these tasks into two categories. These are:

Standard Tasks Included In The Chart

  • Vacuuming your expensive carpets and upholstery;

  • Wiping the floors;

  • Cleaning the windows from inside and out;

  • Moping the kitchen cupboards;

  • Cleaning of the oven;

  • Dusting all switchboards, furniture, window sills, light fittings, window tracks, and door clutch.

Additional Tasks That You Can Book By Paying Extra

  • Stain or spot cleaning of walls;

  • Cleaning the dirt of the fans;

  • Cleaning your patio or a small balcony;

  • Deep carpet cleaning that has stubborn stains; especially if you have furry friends or kids

  • Refrigerator cleaning;

  • Window curtain cleaning;

  • Dishwasher rack cleaning:

  • Flea treatment;

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What Is The Cost Of The Professional End Of Lease Cleaning?

Actually, many factors contribute to the overall price. If we discuss the average cost of professional end-of-lease cleaning in Australia, it is approx $350.

Now, explore the factors that determine the costs!

Type And Size Of The Property

Yes! The price amount depends on the type and size of the building. It may be a studio flat, a one-bedroom apartment, or a 2-,3-, or 4-bedroom house with many furniture. The basic rule is that the larger your apartment will be, the more price you will have to pay to clean the property.

The Number Of Cleaners Assigned

Another significant factor that affects the cost significantly is the number of cleaners assigned to clean your rented flat. You may hire one end-of-lease cleaning professional or a team of two or three people. It completely depends on your budget and the size of the job.

The Number And Type Of Tasks That Get Included

The next crucial factor is the number of tasks and the complications of jobs.

For instance, if you want to get back the originality of your expensive carpets, the price of cleaning will increase. It is not a part of the standard end-of-lease cleaning service for most companies.

If you want external window cleaning service, patio cleaning or a /freezer cleaning, these will also hike the price.

However, it is advisable to specify all the areas you need pro cleaning at the beginning. This way, our cleaners can easily calculate the amount and give you an estimate based on those additional tasks.

Here the best thing is a combination of services proved to be cheaper than booking them separately often.

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How Long Does The End Of Lease Cleaning Take?

A professional end-of-lease cleaning session can consume 3 to 8 hours. Though, the times majorly depend on the size of the building, the number of end-of-lease cleaners attending and other factors.

We also suggest our clients make the property ready by removing all the personal belongings.

So, our cleaners can move around and clean the floors thoroughly. Try to remove all the big furniture by taking the help of removalists.

Thorough Some cleaning companies do this for you, so it is better to ask the company beforehand about the bulky furniture that needs to get moved. The cleaners will add the cost of this extra task into the bill and let you enjoy peace of mind.

Some Examples:

A studio flat with one veranda can get cleaned in 2-3 hours with the help of 2 professionals. It is sufficient if the studio flat is not in very bad condition.

A 2-bedroom house will need 2 or 3 end -of-lease-cleaning experts. And they will take at least 4 hours to make it neat and clean like the first day of your entrance.

Wrapping Up!

Need budget-friendly and guaranteed end-of-lease cleaning services? You can choose someone who has years of experience in the business. We have a solid team of professional cleaners in Sutherland Shire. We clean with the best in class cleaning equipment. So, feel free to contact us! Besides, you can visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to explore more about us!

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