Facts on End of Lease Cleaning That Every Tenant Should Know!

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Are you willing to move out from your current rented property in Australia? Then, you may have heard about the end of lease cleaning that you should consider before leaving the place. Of course, you may feel scared of imagining the picture of scrubbing it yourself. But if you want your deposit back, you should get your place professionally cleaned.

In this case, you may contact us because we have the best cleaners who specialise in this task and can efficiently perform it. Well! This blog comprises a few vital facts you should explore as a tenant. So, read the following passages and discover more details!

What Does an End of Lease Cleaning Service Comprise?

The sincere tenants turn to this service to please their landlords and get back the bond money. Sometimes many homeowners choose this service before putting their property on market for rent.

This cleaning usually includes mopping floors, dusting places, vacuuming all carpets, keeping the kitchen clean, taking care of bedrooms and living areas, washing the windows, and many other things. Our professional team uses biodegradable, non-toxic and natural products to clean the place thoroughly.

The services this cleaning method include are:

  • Standard tasks to clean the place

  • Vacuuming or cleaning all carpets and upholstered furniture

  • Mopping and washing the floors

  • Wiping down the window panels

  • Organising the kitchen cupboards

  • Cleaning oven, and many more

bathroom cleaner

Cost of End of Lease Cleaning

Several factors can affect the overall end of lease cleaning price. But you can rest assured that you will get this service at the fairest pricing if you contact our professionals. Keep in touch with our Facebook page to learn more about our services.

The price of this service significantly depends on the property size and type, whether it is a 1-bedroom house or apartment, a studio flat, or a 2-,3-, or 4-bedroom building. Logically. The larger the property, the more expensive the service will become. So, do not keep doubts in your mind and understand things clearly!

Another essential factor is the number of professionals cleaning your rented flat or house. This factor can also influence the pricing. Depending on the complexity and size of the task, it can get done by one cleaner or demand a larger team for the service.

The type and number of tasks that need to get done also play an essential role. For example, the service price will increase if you want steam cleaning for your carpets because it is not a regular part of the standard end of lease service. Additionally, booking a fridge/freezer or an external window cleaning will increase the overall cost. The price will get determined depending on the tasks and the number of areas you need cleaning. As a professional cleaner, we suggest you hire services that combine everything to keep the price cheap since separately booking them can make a big hole in your pocket due to their high charges.

The current status of your property also matters! A messed up home with dirt and dust accumulation can demand a high charge for cleaning service, whereas a well-maintained house or flat will need less time and a lower price. So, keep an eye on this factor while planning the budget for this service.

Wrapping Up!

If this blog has helped you to understand the facts on the end of lease cleaning, please let us know and share it with your friends. You can contact us directly or visit our Twitter page to keep in touch with our daily updates. For further details, leave a comment below. We will get back to you soon.

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