How Does A Pro Bathroom Cleaner Effectively Clean Shower Glass?

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Having a shower glass not only uplifts the ambience of your bathroom. Also, it comes with a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, we provide less attention until it gets too dirty.

Whether you prefer semi-frameless, framed, or frameless glass, regular cleaning is essential! It helps protect the glass and maintain its spotless look.

Knowing some quick and pro tips by a pro bathroom cleaner in Sutherland shire will help you, especially in tackling the biggest problem – hard water stains.

Why Limescale Builds Up On Glass?

We’ve all seen a whiteish deposit with a hard structure on glass more often. It seems to grow exponentially when not treated. You may not know that it is the residue left from hard water, as the latter is rich in calcium and various other minerals.

Generally, the water quality could vary depending on your area, and statistics show that Western and Southern parts of Australia have harder H2O.

So, limescale is a common problem for pipes, boilers and kettles. It can also affect the shower glass. The best way to prevent the formation of these hard water stains is to call a pro bathroom cleaner in Sutherland shire on time.

What About Soap Scum?

Does your glass shower door look cloudy all the time? And you find cleaning a challenging task? Then soap scum is probably responsible for it.

It forms after soap gets in contact with hard water and results in a white or grey layer. It not only affects the shower screen, tiles, tub, and sink. But also the other areas in the bathroom.

So a regular washing every 2-3 days (depending on showering frequency) will prove effective. Also, you can opt for a pro bathroom cleaner in Sutherland shire to have commercial products that have ingredients to prevent soap scum build-ups.


Some Expert Tips To Keep Your Shower Screen Clean Naturally!


Vinegar is the number one eco-friendly cleaning agent in the expert’s eye. Thanks to its degreasing and germ-killing power! It is highly effective in problematic areas like the kitchen and bathroom. If you can tolerate the smell, the vinegar will also prove powerful for eliminating all hard water stains.

The step-by-step guide by a pro bathroom cleaner in Sutherland shire on how to promptly get the shower screen clean using regular vinegar:

  1. Buy a clean spray bottle

  2. Fill it with pure white vinegar solution. Or you can dilute it 50/50 with hot water.

  3. Now, spray from top to bottom on both sides of the glass shower door

  4. Leave for 15 minutes. You may extend the time for heavier pollution.

  5. Then rinse well with normal water and leave to dry on its own.

  6. You can polish the glass using a microfibre cloth or cotton rag to get back the lustre of your shower screen.

If you are looking for a DIY tip, this is truly the best way! The vinegar cleaning method is fast and handy when you have more to cover, like entire shower glass enclosures.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

A combination of vinegar and bicarb soda is also easy and effective. The white crystals work well through thicker soap scum and limescale formations.

First, follow the first three steps above. Then make sure to dampen a sponge well. After that, sprinkle baking soda on top of it. Next, you scrub gently on both sides of the glass screen. Then, leave the ingredients to react for a few minutes, and rinse well.

Salt And Citrus (Lemon/Grapefruit)

Another DIY trick to clean a shower screen until its spotless involves salt and citric fruits. Whether you prefer a fresh lemon or grapefruit, you will have a sparkling shower glass and a nice smelling bathroom!!

It is an excellent alternative for those who dislike the strong vinegar smell. The citric acid will cut through the grime, while the salt will give you the abrasive power to make all unpleasant formations disappear.

Here, a bathroom cleaner in Sutherland shire is stating the process:

Cut one grapefruit/lemon in half;

Add kitchen salt;

Then scrub the shower screen, need to squeeze well for the juice to come out and keep adding salt from time to time.

Last, rinse and enjoy!

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Other Alternatives Are-

Eucalyptus Products

Yes! You can keep your shower glass clean using products containing eucalyptus. Expert cleaners use the right eucalyptus products. So, it is best to leave this task to them!

Hard Cleaning Solutions

Top companies like us offer you the best cleaning solutions at competitive rates. Plus, they have a bathroom cleaning kit and sufficient knowledge to make your shower screen spotless.

Wrapping Up!

Need to hire a pro bathroom cleaner in Sutherland shire? Consider someone reliable in this domain. All our cleaners are trained and provide a 5-star service. We aim to provide the highest quality of residential and commercial cleaning services. Visit our website to explore more about us. You can also visit our Facebook & Twitter pages.

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